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September 18, 2012
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Curly by DarkmasterN Curly by DarkmasterN
Have you ever seen the truth?

Or more well should I ask....

Is there a god?

Or simply something more advanced than we? Is there a possibility that this environment of perfection we hold within us and place at the head of our lives is but a figment of our imagination?

Or could it be the truth, simply hidden behind an ebon veil of evolutionary hierarchy.

The truth is often distorted over time, and through language, this golden example could be twisted and churned, for better or for worse, until nothing of origin is still available. The stories of old warped and forgotten until only the slightest hint of truth can remain.

If in fact any truth remains at all.

Is it fair that we are to follow it's orders and accept it as our superior? This massive thing beyond space and time of legendary status and immortal resiliency. Why are we to follow as it says. The creator of the clouds and crafter of the land is mighty indeed, but for creatures to be crafted for want of worship is to bring about the existence of slaves to your will.

Or do we not know the truth as it is something to be lost. To be placed away in some far reach where never again shall man face it's vile and putrid existence that would tear his mind and wrack his soul, that would burn his flesh and terminate his existence from it's very core.

This god may be A horrible Something of unworking parts and sickness as black as the night sky, infecting the minds of generations and sapping their life and love to replace the souls of it's servants with eldridtch disease.

And if it is indeed perfect should we not be the epitome of perfection ourselves? Should we be flawed and destructive, small and short lived? Should we not stand as it's equal? If we are the ones whom have formed the concept of perfection should we not be it's owners?

No, of course not, we are mere servitors.

Now I ask you again, have you ever seen the truth?

No, no one has.

Is there a god?

Or is there just....

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AnthropomorPhillie Oct 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Lovingly abstract :3
Thanks dood! I just drew it as it came.. XD
No probs, and I see o3o
you always have the most interesting images and ideas when it comes to gods that makes me think that your sick in the head

but like someone said before me, it does look like beetlejuice but to me more in a psycotic way
Heh, it's possible that I am, XD

Yeah, I can see some beetlejuice in there what with the stripes and curly arm, XD
Why do I get the feeling this is what Beetlejuice looks like a on a bad day
LOL! Quite possibly!
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