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She's flapping those useless little arms now, XD.

These are getting more difficult by the picture now lol.

Funny enough though, I drew a picture like this of Katrina a long time ago that I never posted here. I drew it even before I did any of the Katrina stuffing comics, XD. It was from back when I kinda wanted to draw Katrina eating a lot but wanted to know what it looked like before I committed to it.... Maybe I'll post it some day, It's still held up alright artistically speaking I guess lol...


Throughout all of September, Katrina will be here in her big sundae, eating Ice Cream until she herself is the biggest catgirl sundae to ever grace this planet, and it's up to you guys to help her!

Send Donations to Don't forget to put "Donation Drive" as the title of your donation, as well as your Deviantart ID and Patreon Name if you are there as well, so I can contact you if you've earned one of the below goals.

For every $1 I earn, Katrina will Eat a quart of ice cream, and for every $50 I raise, I'll post another picture of her having eaten that much ice cream! That means 12 and a half gallons of ice cream consumed after each picture~

I will keep having Katrina eat and eat until the end of the month!!

The money raised on Patreon will be added to this fund raiser once it goes through and I get the entire total. In addition, any money earned from my Katrina comics on E-Junkie this month will go towards this donation drive as well!


Last year people went in on a bid to be in the entire stuffing sequence of Katrina in her Hammock and there were Many MANY who wished they could have been involved as well, and so this year I'm doing something different with these additional rewards!

*$50 donors: After someone donates $50, I will do two things, First, I increase the amount she eats by 1 quart per $1 raised (So if 3 people donate $50, Katrina will be eating 4 quarts of ice cream per dollar raised so 40 gallons of ice cream per picture). In addition, $50 donors will get to choose the pose Katrina is in, and what kind of ice cream she's eating for the image, as well as have their name listed somewhere on the picture to show that they were in fact the ones to donate that ice cream to Katrina!

*$100 donors: I have no idea if anyone is gonna be wanting to donate this much all at once, however if you do, I will not only be incredibly grateful, I will also increase the amount she eats by 2 quarts per $1 raised for the rest of the fund raiser, and You will get to choose a pose Katrina is in for the next image, the kind of ice cream she's eating, and your name will be listed somewhere on the picture to show that you were the one to donate the ice cream to Katrina! Finally, you will also gain a special treat, and get to appear in one of these progression images that are unlocked, appearing with Katrina, helping her to eat, hindering her efforts, or pretty much doing anything (Within reason), alongside the chubby cat girl. These will be somewhat limited, so if you plan to do this, please message me here on Deviantart first in a note titled "$100 donation" and we can work out the details before anything is sent.

(If you send a donation and do not give details on your prize within 2 days of donation, I reserve the right to continue on without granting your prize. This is a donation drive that has a time limit and I can't wait for longer than that to get your information to continue this).

*Weekly Largest Donors: Also during September, on Every Monday, I will post whoever donated the most money that week. This person will be able to add another kind of food into the mix that Katrina will eat with the ice cream, and will increase her growth. The increase is determined by adding 1 additional quart per $1 they donated (Also increased with large donations as listed above), effectively doubling the amount she eats based on how much they donated. Once it's all over, the people who donated the most each time will also get to help me with making an image of Katrina in the aftermath of eating so much, which will take place, most likely early in the month after. This means there are 4 chances to donate the most!

September 5th: :iconhp1741a:

September 12th: :iconmobius-ice:

September 19th: :icondocdarock:

September 26th: :iconhp1741a:

Hopefully we can get Katrina to all new massive sizes and have some crazy fun with this. All of the proceeds will go towards trying to push my art career forward!!

Amount until next picture: $45
Number of Pictures Earned: 32
Total Money Raised: $1605
Total Ice Cream Eaten: 8100 gallons
Amount Eaten Per Dollar: 30 Quarts
Amount Eaten Per Picture: 375 gallons

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Thickstick22 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
Fat cat needs help....
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
i got a bad feeling she'll get sick soon
NameTaken0 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
I feel she passed that point long ago.
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
true there
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