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September 3, 2013
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Slightly Above Average Page 159 by DarkmasterN Slightly Above Average Page 159 by DarkmasterN
Looks like Yuudai isn't COMPLETELY incompetent.

Looks like he cheered Keiko up for now at least!
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smokeyjoe8p Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
"I thought you were just some pervert thug"...I lol'd!
awww, so cute, they're bonding ^^
AAawwww !! Keiko's face is sooo cute ! i want to hug her ! Come here, gimme a kiss !!!
I know right! I was thinking the same thing while I drew it! XP

a overall nice/sincere page?


good, I needed this after all those plastic-dolls..i was about ready to set their town on fire! xD

Aw, that was some great advice coming from the mob bosses son. I like him.
Scary thing, is I gurantee you that boy is the son of the rich guy who gave the girl the pills (boy that was a long winded sentence)

Basically - sooner or later he'll find himself having to pick sides, or be the bad guy.
I feel sorry. He just got slotted into permanent friend zone, he never has a chance to hook up with Keiko now. XD Also, I am not sure about anyone else, but... I get the feeling that that advice is a little less than useful when you are talking about Eldritch Horror possessed girls. Either that, or the advice is so powerful that a pulse of friendship will be unleashed from Haruko, that banishes any and all Eldritch Horrors back to the Plains of Madness. (Please forgive me, I am not extremely familiar with these mythos, so I realize that Plains of Madness is probably wrong, though I am pretty sure the of Madness part is at least right.) Well, except for Laila, since she has been permanently temporarily banished from there by her own mom. ... And maybe Heinrich? He was created by Laila, so he might have immunity to that, or he might not, since he is not Laila...

Anyways... Hm... I know there is an anyways that I should insert in here, but what was it again... Uh... Got the poor Yuudai in already... Possibly bad advice was most of that... Er... Ah, right. Electric vehicle. Wonder what the government has in store for them, since only the government would use such a diabolically evil vehicle as one that does not use gas, thus being able to conceal themselves as those crazed soccer moms who try to ruin everything for everyone because they think it would actually help their kids, though all they are really doing is harming them... Is it owned by the super secret, super evil, super wizardly AEHS? (Anti Eldritch Horror Squad.)
LOL, You are right in your first train of thought. Love power usually does little to nothing to alien beings who can't understand it. And yeah, some people call them the "Planes of madness" though that could really just describe any strange area that makes no sense where chaotic, mind bending things come from.

AND I LOL'D ABOUT THAT LAST PART. But actually it's the vehicle of Officer Suguri. The cop we saw a long time ago in the comic and whom is now finally getting to show up again...
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