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May 13, 2011
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Thing That Lurks in the Light by DarkmasterN Thing That Lurks in the Light by DarkmasterN
The thing that Lurks in the Light

Fear of what lurks within the darkness of night, is a just fear of the unknown. Yet still greater fears lurk within the light of day.

It sailed across my vision like a fly. A small black splotch zooming through my vision only to vanish in the corner of my eye. Turning to renew the vision yielded no results and no matter where I looked the small black object was gone.
I blinked, and in an instant the object was there again, beginning at the top of my vision, on the horizon of houses that lined the streets of the neighborhood and dashing downward only to vanish in a split second.

I quickly blinked again to renew the vision I had before yet nothing was sparked this time, only the sky and those houses were in sight. My head turned upward, following the clouds and the ring of light that emanated from behind them until I met the shining place behind the curtain of fluffy whiteness where I knew the sun was resting.

Itís obvious why staring at the sun is an idiotic endeavor. Itís brightness lights an entire planet and even glancing at it can cause minor blindness, not to mention what it would do if you stared into it for too long.

The sun emerged from behind itís veil and I glanced at it for a split second before turning my eyes back to the horizon of homes, blinking as the black speckle danced across my vision with a few small ďfriendsĒ it had brought along. Such small ghostly blotches moving across my vision, returned when I blinked, moving aimlessly too and fro. I averted my eyes and caught the speckle, dancing in the corner of my eye, and I turned to catch it, expecting once again for it to leave my eyesight as usual. However this particular blotch stood ever vigilant in one space for a moment before fading.

I took another glance towards the life sustaining rays and back on the horizon line.

The speckle was dancing, it had multiplied phasing in and out as it darted too and fro amongst itís ghostly brethren existing within my eyes. I blinked again and they had moved back and fourth yet seemed closer. Curious as they existed WITHIN my eyes that they appeared closer yet all the while it was fascinating.

Another glance towards the sun and back.

My expression changed. The ghostly blotches expanded across my vision. I blinked and they seemed to have an amorphous shape, yet one that begged of vague familiarity. I shook my head and blinked again, the white and then black form jittering and fluctuating before my eyes as it scattered here and there. It moved, it darted out of the corner of my eye yet this time as I followed, it stayed within vision. The dark blur flying about quickly in itís warped and distorted form it vanished after hovering above one of the nearby homes.
I shook my head. It must have been some sort of random occurrence. Just a fluke was all, nothing there save for my wild imagination. I blinked a few times and then took another glance near the sun before turning back.

I stumbled back with a start. I tripped on the porch, quickly scrambling to my feet as I backed up the stairs. I blinked and shook my head staring before me at the dreaded THING staring back at me. Itís body warped and black reflecting no light yet absorbing none as well. It cast no shadow as it had no shadow to cast, appearing itís self as if it were some undefined being that exists only on the ethereal. It stood about manís size, though it seemed to grow and shrink with the seconds and itís form warped back and fourth as if it could appear, and reappear anywhere within the range of my unfortunate vision.

I blinked and again I panicked, backing away quickly and again falling backward. I felt for the porch and the door and found it. The thing was closer yet, moving slowly forward. It possessed two white eyes. Eyes that defied the laws of physics. They seemed to extend on into a nothingness so deep the white seemed to be almost darker than space. Itís arm jittered and reached forward for a second before I blinked a few times and it disappeared. My eyes shot to the sky as I surveyed for the sun and then back to the space before me, waiting to die in fear of the eldritch ghost that existed within the blindness of the sun.

The thing was gone. I blinked again, looking here and there for any signs of the curious being yet it did not show itís self. I looked at my door, my heart still racing and then turned back to the horizon. I surveyed my yard, daring not to blink before the task was done. And I lay on my back, closing my eyes as I held my head in relief.
It was there.

With my eyes closed for a moment in the blackness I saw the figure. I blinked again catching a glimpse of the thing hovering above me. Far above me as if it had taken off to fly to some other location. The sound of a jet was heard passing overhead and I glanced at the sun once again for a few moments before blinking and turning back to the sky.

My eyes were weakening, the speckles danced and filled the sky, darting too and fro, here and there, aimlessly moving in the shapes of splotches, squiggles, hairs and drips, appearing and reappearing with every blink.

It was like an old cartoon. The animation was choppy yet they moved as if dictated by some dark force, they passed over the airplane and then followed it for a few moments before they scattered again. I closed my eyes, and brought up my clenched fists to rub them roughly to attempt to remedy these visions.

I cast my eyes skyward and I was met again by that thing. Itís eyes an indescribable vastness of infinity deeper than space itís self in their eternal whiteness. The black mass in humanoid form contorting and jiggling as it silently reached out a black appendage. I screamed and fell back.

Everything went black, save for the red and yellow outline of the beast that rested for a moment within my eyelids.

I awoke some time later. My head throbbing as if it were trying to tear itís self free from the confines of my shoulders. My eyes hurt and my vision is impaired, blurry. The nurse tells me that Iíve been out for a day and that I had hit my head on the stairs when I fell back off of the porch. She says that unfortunately it may have impaired my vision and that it may or may not be permanent. I closed my eyes for a moment before I quickly snapped them open and sat up, the nurse leaping back with a start. My eyes dart to the window to meet nothing but blackness. I let out a yelp of fear, believing the blackness to be the eldritch thing, reaching to grab me up. The nurse implores me to continue lying down yet I could not. What had happened to that creature, could it be in the room now? Could it be resting above my bedside waiting for me to close my eyes so as to bestow upon me some sort of silent fate worse than death?

I stood, hearing the blood rush to my head I fell back again onto the bed, unable to sustain my own weight I lay there, breathing heavily as the nurse aids me in returning to a proper laying position. She looks rather concerned and tells me to stay there as she goes to alert the doctors, turning the Television on as she leaves.

I looked towards the window, the darkness of the night yielded no moon and little light for which to check for creatures. I squinted, hoping for some sort of impaired sight to phase into view, to relieve myself that the thing was gone and hadnít followed me. To chalk it up to mere paranoia. But my ears were intrigued by the television and the rest of me followed suit.

I could not have prepared myself for what I saw.
The woman on screen looking concerned was speaking to someone about a crash within town. An airliner that had to make an emergency landing and touched down in a field several miles away from the airport. There were no survivors on board, however the bodies of those that were found seemed to all have had their eyes open, their faces contorted in fear. I gripped the bed sheets. I knew that those looks were not from fear of the plane plummeting to itís doom, NO, those were the eyes that had seen the truth, that had gathered the sunís rays and had witnessed the thing.
She displayed a picture of the wreckage on the screen and my heart raced.

The plane had crashed, tearing itís self in two, one of itís wings still attached to the front of the plane and the other blown to bits and scattered along the field. The smoke still rising from the burning plane and several bodies lying amongst the wreckage. However gruesome this was it was not what vexed me so.

There was a black figure standing in the smoke. It seemed as if it were just a blur, a spot on the camera caused by the sun or sudden light flash, but I knew better.

I jumped to my feet, forcing myself to stand and closed my eyes, shaking my head as I turned, ready to leave. I beckoned for a nurse or doctor so I could inform them of the things, the things in the light. I reopened my eyes and stopped, slipping and falling back as I saw it.
The thing, standing in the lobby.

I blinked and again it was closer, itís disturbing movements as it jittered and scrambled towards me completely silently on legs like stilts, itís eyes never blinking.

I screamed and scrambled back, blinking again, seeing the creature at my door, reaching itís long sinuous arms towards me slowly. I could hear a ringing in my ears, the silent humming a television makes in standby with a barely audible fuzz of white noise. I yelped again and turned back to see the windows.

The ghost was in the room.

I grabbed a chair and screamed again, bashing the windows with all my might. The nurse screamed and doctors came running.

It was at the foot of my bed.

I threw the chair at it, but it sailed through and took a doctor to his knees.

It was within arms reach. Itís eyes sunken in so deep that they broke reality. It opened an orifice between the impossible white caverns and the rushing stopped, a deep silence washed over me as I witnessed the birth of the universe. Within that deep chasm of the beingís throat I saw the sun in a brilliant flash of light dancing amongst other stars in the vastness of space. My eyes went white and I felt as if I were falling, the static building in my ears as the light blinded my eyes.

The Earth rose to meet me. The impact jarring me awake from my stupor. My body was wracked with pain, and I was certain my left eye was blind. There was no sound and I could feel nothing in my body.

A carís lights flashed next to me, undoubtedly from when I hit it on my way out of the seventh story window, denting itís roof and ultimately denting myself even more so. I felt a serene calmness wash over me. The darkness illuminated by a single streetlamp within the parking lot.

I closed my eyes, consciousness slipping. I opened them, my last moment of waking.

Wider my eyes went, I opened my mouth, as no scream escaped.

My very breath sucked away.

By the thing that Lurks in the Light.

Have you ever looked at the light for too long and then blinked, only to see small black or white speckles dancing in your eyes?

Have you ever wondered if maybe there was a time when people knew of the dark secrets of those hidden within what we can see?

I got this idea the other day when I blinked and could have sworn the little speckles were watching me.

Also inspired by stories of imps and gremlins as well as a creature from Pathfinder known as the "Lurker in the Light".

This one's more story than art. However I didn't wanna go through all the shit of fixing the story up in the little text submission box so here ya go.

I've been on a horror story kick lately... :P

Background from [link]
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